Chalam - Buyer - San Francisco

I knew nothing about San Francisco let alone buying a house in San Francisco because I used to live in South Bay. All I knew was that I wanted to buy in SF. And Jade got me a home in just a couple of months of my search. First of all, Jade is such a wonderful person to work with. She is super nice and when it comes to real estate, very knowledgeable and methodical. She would send listings every Thursday and by Friday night our schedule would be set for the weekend. During our open house visits, Jade wouldn’t just show me the houses but educate me on the neighborhoods the houses were in. She showed me different kinds of houses with different layouts in different neighborhoods, telling me the benefits and drawbacks of each house/neighborhood some of which I would not even know to ask/think. All of this was very crucial for me in narrowing down what I really wanted - what I can compromise on and what I cannot. At the same time she would also constantly learn about my changing requirements and tune the listings accordingly. I guess on some level everyone looking to buy a house goes through this process but the telling thing is that I got to this place in just 4 weeks - in a market like SF - which I think is a testament to Jade. Over the next few weeks, she helped me better understand the market and the pricing/bidding trends. She encouraged me to read disclosures for practice which was super helpful when it came to actually making an offer. She is particularly good with disclosures/inspections etc. You never have to worry about if you missed something because she is very thorough with them and makes sure all inspections are performed.

When she found the house I eventually bought, I was surprised how perfectly it fit all my requirements and was still within my budget. When we bid for the house, it was my first bid ever and I did not think my chances were that good in winning the bid. But thanks to her efforts, I got the house. I feel really lucky to have been introduced to Jade. She really works hard for you. I can keep writing about every little thing (questions/doubts/advice) she helped me with but that would be a long list. The important thing is that she was there to help day or night, weekends or holidays. She was with me until the moment I got the keys. And continues to check in with me regularly. On the day I got my house keys, the seller’s agent said that if not for my agent, I would not have gotten the house.

Jose - Buyer - San Pablo

I highly recommend Mindy to anyone who’s looking to buy a new property. The purchase took a long time, but Mindy was on top of things. Mindy and Jade were always very professional and helpful. They managed to handle everything properly from the beginning.

Tam - Buyer - San Jose

We met Jade at one of our friend's party; in simple words, she is THE BEST. We are the typical paranoid first-time home buyers. So, we asked her tons of questions (some meaningful and some silly questions) at every weird hour of the day. She always patiently answered to our concerns/calls/emails. She also gave us advise or recommendation what to do or what no need to worry about. If you need Real Estate agent for HomeBuying, I strongly recommend working with Jade Le.